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River Sunset in Yangon ?>

River Sunset in Yangon

It’s my last day in Yangon and after 3 crazy days of water festival (I couldn’t move around freely with my camera), I can finally walk the streets, unafraid of my camera becoming natatorial  like a duck, it’s my last chance to capture the magnificent Burmese sunset so I decided  to take a small cruise on the local ferry to the opposite side. The ferry departs the Nanthinda Harbor in downtown and the ticket for foreigners costs about 400 kyats (4$) for return…

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Some of the lesser known communities around the world and what makes them so fascinating. One of the first people to settle in Southeast Asia, the Mon are said to have migrated southward from western China into Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) about 1,200 years ago, and established one of the earliest civilisations there. The Mon of Myanmar reside mainly towards the southeast of Yangon in Mon State and Kayin State. It was the Mon who introduced Buddhism to Myanmar…

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Yangon | How to Get from the Airport to the Center by Bus ?>

Yangon | How to Get from the Airport to the Center by Bus

Upon arriving at the international airport in Yangon (RGN) you will first of all need to go through passport control to get the stamp(visa) that will allow you to enter to the country, more information can be found in our article about Myanmar Visa. When you get your luggage you can change money in one of the exchange points that are situated in the baggage claim area, generally those kiosks are branches of street banks and the exchange rate is almost the same to the one…

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