The View Points on Phi Phi Island

The View Points on Phi Phi Island

View points are the main attractions of Phi Phi Island. They are a must if you want to get an aerial view of the Island, the surrounding panoramic views are truly beautiful.

There are three main view points, all located to the east of Loh Dalum and Tonsai beaches. They could be called official, as there’re signs everywhere and they’re all numbered: View Point-1 (lower viewpoint), View Point-2 (the middle one), View Point-3 (the top viewpoint). Besides that, you can get great views from the hotels located on the hills. There’s another view point few people go to, it’s located near a man-made water reservoir. We’re going to tell you about all of them.

View Point 1

View Point 1
View Point 1

It is the lowest view point and you can get there in 5 minutes if you take the steps that begin by a near-by guesthouse called Harmony House. As you ascend, you’ll pass a few more guesthouses. The last one will be the Phi Phi Arboreal Resort (the views from it’s windows are great, too). You’ll get to the view point from there in 2 minutes.

There’s a check-taker lady by the last step, who takes 20 baht as an entering fee. The reason for it is that, apparently, this is a private property and the money’s spent on keeping the place clean. There’re about ten houses around for rent, there’s also a tour agency and a massage parlor. All and all, this view point isn’t located all that high and the view is average, really. It’s better to walk 5-7 minutes to the next view point – that’s where the views get really cool.

View Point 2

View Point 2
View Point 2

The main view point, or just the View Point №2 (that’s exactly how it’s called on all of the signs – View Points-2) is the most popular, and it’s easy to see why: it gives an amazing view of Phi Phi Island and Tonsai village. You can grab a bite to eat or have a drink here. There’s a massage parlor, too. It’s very crowded in the evenings as everyone comes here to watch the sunset (it gets dark after 6-6:15 p.m.). But no one usually gets up early to go there and watch the Sun rise above Phi Phi Island. At other times there usually aren’t many people around – 2-3 people or no one at all (especially during an off-season).

An asphalted path, about a foot and a half wide, goes here from the View Point 1.

How to get there:

  1. A road from Tonsai village.

Right after the Harmony House guesthouse there’s a sign showing way to the view points, and the first road to Phi Phi goes through the center of Tonsai village, it begins with a stairway that goes up. Take the stairs. You will pass a few more guesthouses on your way. The last one would be the Phi Phi Arboreal Resort, that already has a nice view from it.

A few minutes later you’ll get to the entrance to the first view point. At the entrance there’s a person who collects an ecological fee of 20 bath. Further on there’d be an asphalted path, about a foot and a half wide, that will lead you to your destination in 5-7 minutes.

  1. A road from the Valentine Bungalow.

There’s another way to get there, and this one’s more popular, that the previous one, by the way, many tourists take this road the first time they’re going up the mountain.

The second way to the view points on Phi Phi. A fork on the way to the view points on Phi Phi.

The second road begins right after you pass Valentine Bungalow guesthouse. This guesthouse consists of about ten one-storied yellow bungalows, standing next to one another along the road. The road goes to the left after the last bungalow. It is a wide asphalted highway.

There you will see a motorbikes and quad bikes rental – the only one on Phi Phi. Right after it the road goes uphill. There would be a small man-made water reservoir on your left (not to be confused with the huge reservoir next to Loh Moo Dee beach) and a small boxing ring.

The settlement on the road to the view point on Phi Phi. The sign leading to the view points on Phi Phi.

The asphalted road leads to the other side of the island (right to Loh Moo Dee beach). You need to take a 10-15-minute walk along it to the fork with a sigh at it that says: View point 1-2-3 – to the left, Long Beach and Loh Moo Dee beach – 3 km to the right. You will need to turn left, on a country road that goes through a forest.

In about 10-15 minutes, you’ll see a small Thai settlement, and about 5 minutes later turn left by a sign that says “View point 2”. And in a minute you’ll be at the View point №2. If you turn right, you’ll get to the third View point in 10 minutes.

Most importantly, don’t forget that there’re signs everywhere, follow them and you’ll get to any place on Phi Phi Don.

View Point 3

View Point 3
View Point 3

The view point. The view from the third view point on Phi Phi. The View Point №3 is located 10 minutes away from the second one.

There’re signs (View point-3) there. A tall tower (that is visible from many points on the island) can be used as a landmark, this place is right next to it. Halfway to the second and the third view points, there are a few Thai houses and a bar you can freshen up from the road at. There’s even a TV there.

Even though the third view point is considered the highest, the panoramic view of Loh Dalum and Tonsai from it is worse than that from the second view point. The thing is, trees up there obstruct the view a bit and Tonsai village is only partially visible. But it has great views over the western part of Phi Phi and the nearest islands.

Don’t expect any drinks of a massage here, like you would be offered at the first two view points. It is not equipped in any way, except for a small garden house where a hammock is hung sometimes. There are few people around, the simple reason for it is that it’s quite hard to find (in fact, many people think that the second view point is the last one and there isn’t anything else above it).

You can watch the sunset here as well, but it’s important to leave in time, before it gets completely dark. Otherwise you’d have to go back through the jungle, and it’s pitch-black out there. And it’s easy to step on a snake in the dark, or sprain a leg on steep hills. If you’ve got a flashlight, you should definitely take it with you.

Few people know about it, and it doesn’t overlook the beaches or the neighboring islands, but a man-made lake. There are no alcoves or anything for that matter, except for some huge blue barrels filled with water.

How to get there:

  1. From Tonsai pier and the island’s center.

The way to the center of Phi Phi Island begins right outside the yellow bungalows of the Valentine Bungalow hotel. Motorbikes and quad bikes rental, that’s located at the beginning of the road, can be used as an additional landmark. The road to the artificial lake is the same one that leads to the Long beach on Phi Phi Island through the island’s center (part 6 of this article).

You need to go up these trails to get to the view point. The location of the view point by the water reservoir on Phi Phi.

The road is asphalted and wide. Go up without turning anywhere. In about 10-15 minutes there’ll be a fork leading to the main view points 1-2-3 (there’s a sign there that says: View point 1-2-3 – to the left, Long Beach and Loh Moo Dee – 3 km to the right). You need to take the right turn from the asphalted highway to Loh Moo Dee beach). About 10-15 asphalted road will end and you will see a man-made water reservoir (you will pass a cottage settlement on your way).

As you reach the lake, turn right, then turn left (on a sandy road near-by). Past the lake you’ll see a fork. If you go straight ahead, you’ll get to Long beach and Loh Moo Dee beach. If you turn right and go up, in a few minutes you will find yourself on the view point.

  1. From Loh Moo Dee beach.

In order to do that you’ll need to pass a palm grove and go up the trail. You’ll find yourself by a fork on the road, turn right (if you go straight ahead – you’ll get to Long beach in 5 minutes) – this path will lead you to the man-made lake. Not reaching the lake, go up the path that goes a bit to the left and up.

  1. From Long Beach. A steep path downhill to Long Beach on Phi Phi.

The road to the view point goes from the western side of Long Beach (this side is the closest one to Tonsai). Go up a narrow path with rope handrails from the beach. You’ll see two roads ahead of you. If you go left, you’ll find yourself at the Viking hotel, and the road on your right is the one you need.

There’s only one road, so your chances of missing it are slim. You’ll come to a house on your way (it was being constructed back in 2012). Right past it the road splits in two: one goes to the right and up and leads to the view point (it’s a 1-2-minute walk), the other one goes to the left and downhill and leads to Tonsai beach (you’ll get to the coast, to a point next to the only school on Phi Phi Island).

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